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There are 2 possibilities to create different coulor shadings of the gold layer

The coulors of the fire gilding
  1. 1.Possibility couloring with wax after fire guilding

  2. 2.Possibility couloring with different compositions of salt solutions

different coulored wax types used to coulor the fire guilding

salt compositions to coulor the fire guilding

The coulors

„dim fire guilding“

condition after raporisation

fire guilding

1 x compackted

edge polished with Hematit

fire silver coating

1x compacted

edge polished with Hematit

Continning different salt solutions are used to contor fire guilding

yellow  - 

The german gold coulor coulcred with salt solution

yellow  - 

vienna gold coulor

coulored with salt solution

This coulorshade is used on most of vienna clocks of 18.th - 19th century

„dim frensh gold coulor“  - „mat de pendule“

                  original recept of 1794

               edges polished with Hematit

coulor shade of all frensh made pendula clocks of the 18th - 19th century and of the frensh „ ORMOULU“ from the famous cabinet makers of that fine

These recept to coulor the fire guilding was a secret in the past and could not be applied outside of france

coulor examples

dim frensh gold coulor

„mat de pendule“

regular coulor of the fire guilding

rose - gold coulor

coulored with salt solution

red - gold coulor

coulored with salt solution

Every coulor shade is created by a special salt solution consisting out of different Mixtures

Never the less the „ frensh gold coulor“ can not be created with Wax